Let’s say you’ve successfully built a far-reaching web presence and are attracting visitors to your site in droves. Congratulations! That was the goal. But, when sites scale, there are always growing pains and slowdowns that come with increased traffic and content — and these can sometimes work to undermine all your hard work.

Almost 80% of consumers say they’ll never return to a site that performs poorly, and half of the web users abandon sites that fail to load within two seconds. Graduating to a dedicated server is normally the answer for sites that have outgrown shared hosting environments and are not a good fit for a VPS. And, if you’re going dedicated, you’re going to need a robust and reliable support network to ensure your site and business are meeting the growing demands of your customers. Next up is the top-rated dedicated server, featuring plans that come complete with 24/7 support and monitoring. Give the review below a read — your customers and your bottom line will thank you.