Cheap Reseller Hosting

900% Faster Hosting with 3D SSD’s

NVMe SSD’s are 200% Faster than Other SSD’s and 900% Faster Than Spin Drives, sure SSD’s are fast but but V-NAND 3D NVMe SSD’s takes things to a Whole new LEVEL! Our Corporate VIP Servers use V-NAND 3D SSD chips which are faster than any other SSD drive servers. We are one of the first in the industry to use 3d V-NAND NVMe 3D SSD Drives.

FREE Domain Reseller Account

We offer one of the industry’s Lowest Priced Domain Reseller Accounts that come with FREE Reseller Plans. Through our domain reselling accounts, we offer the industry’s cheapest domain prices. Also, the inbuilt Plugin for configuring the Domain Reselling with WHMCS Billing Software will ensure that you can immediately begin Selling Domains to your clients at pocket-friendly prices. Note that these domain reselling accounts are entirely white-labeled to allow you to fully brand it to the name of your company.

WHMCS Hosting Billing Automation

WHMCS is an all-in-one webhosting client management, billing & support solution for for web hosting companies. It can Fully Automate Your Hosting Business by automating everything from signup to termination, WHMCS is a powerful hosting automation tool that puts you firmly in control. With WHMCS, you can easily manage your customers, conduct automatic billing, or create an account automatically, among other benefits. Flashhost offers a FREE WHMCS LICENSE with almost every plan. Sign Up for any of our reseller web hosting plans and Get WHMCS Billing Software absolutely FREE!

Spam FREE Cloud based Email

How about 100% SPAM FREE CLOUD BASED EMAIL? Installing MailChannel’s Cloud Corporate Mail Server will give you the capacity to completely rid your server of such IP blacklisting problems as spamming and compromised client email accounts. Contrary to conventional emailing systems, this cloud-based system leverages the power of artificial intelligence to determine the message sender, track the sender’s behavior for spamming tendencies, and deter or limit such attacks on client accounts. Also, it uses its ResponseAnalytic tool to track and interpret rejection messages, thus highlighting compromised accounts and improving the deliverability of emails.

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