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E-Commerce Web Hosting

Managed Web Hosting ServiceFrom AbanteCart to OpenCart the choice is truly yours – Get your online business started today with InterServer.
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Top Reasons to Choose E-commerce Solution
Make Your Website Live in Few Minutes
With ready to install scripts like WooCommerce, AbanteCart, OpenCart and more, this allows for flexibility of your online ideas without any hassle. Whether you want to sell selected products or you want to run a full-fledged e-commerce website like Amazon or eBay, this will ensure you receive a viable solution from us.

No Hidden Cost
You will be not charged anything extra, not even a single penny. We believe in 100% transparency, so you will get precisely what you’ve paid for.

No Coding Skills Required
You can get started with your e-commerce website even if you have No knowledge of how to write code. Our scripts come with a one-click installation feature that gives you the freedom to create a professional level e-commerce website without any coding skills.

Secure Shopping Cart
With features like free SSL certificates along with many other added benefits you can rest assure that your operation will run smoothly.

Simple Aministration Interface
Our one stop shop platform is easy to use which makes for a seamless user experience.

hassle free
Add Products Without Any Hassle
No matter how many products you want to add on your website, you can do it yourself without seeking the help of an expert. Rest assured you will receive a user friendly admin interface in which you just need to upload the product picture, add a description, and set the price. Once those steps have been completed you should be up and running. Additionally, you will get a dedicated shopping cart that helps you to receive more conversions.

Supports Multiple Payment Methods
Don’t let your customers down when they can’t find their preferred method for making payment. InterServer e-commerce web hosting allows you to accept various payment methods. You can accept payment from Paypal, Stripe, Worldpay, Securepay, Braintree, and all other major credit and debit cards.

Free SSL Certificate
SSL certificates are one of the prime components that buyers look for prior to conducting a transaction on any given website. It guarantees an extra layer of security and peace of mind that the site is legitimate and secure.

SEO Friendly
SEO of e-commerce site is very complicated, but when you host your e-commerce site with InterServer, you will get a complete SEO friendly site. You will get a dedicated SEO option for your products and pages in the admin panel where you can modify the meta title and description. Talking about the images, then it will be automatically renamed and compressed according to the web. In short, your product pages will be fully SEO optimized that helps them to rank better in search engine.

SEO Friendly

Best Cheap Reseller Hosting

Are you starting your own web hosting business? Make money as a reseller with our fully white-labeled Reseller Hosting solutions. Your customers will love their faster sites, hosted on our Turbo servers that are up to 20X faster. After all, faster sites have better SEO rankings, lower bounce rates, and higher conversion rates. You’ll love our expert 24/7 Guru Crew Support, and ultra-reliable servers backed by our 99.9% Uptime Commitment!

Reseller Hosting In Kenya

Our Reseller Hosting In Kenya Plans are hosted in the state of the art Johannesburg Data Center in South Africa. The data center have great connectivity in south africa with multiple POP’s all over South Africa. With multiple international backbones including providers such as WACS, SAT3, SEACOM, SAFE and EASSy the data have greater international connectivity and well as fast connectivity. Our South African Reseller Hosting Plans are ideal for customers looking for a faster connectivity to South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Tunisia, Mozambique, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Namibia, Angola, Ghana, gabon, junia, Sudan, Egypt and good with good connectivity to therest of the world.

Best Reseller Hosting In Kenya

Fast Servers Based in Africa data centre Nairobi kenya

Our Best Reseller Hosting In Kenya extremely fast Intel servers SSD and NVMe drives offers the best performance reseller services using cutting-edge technologies with Anti-DDoS technology to ensure maximum efficiency and uptime. Our German reseller plans also come with Unlimited Features, cPanel & WHM, Best Hardware and free WHMCS billing and hosting management software to manage your web hosting company in auto pilot.

Cheap Reseller Hosting In Kenya

Our Cheap Reseller Hosting In Kenya Plans let you start your own Hosting Business by selling our white-labeled products. Manage your own customers, earn money, and run your own hosting company the way you want. We give you complete control over all aspects of your business. But don’t worry — you’re not in this alone. You will always have the backing of our 24/7 Guru Support Crew whenever you need help. So take your business to the next level with flashhost’s Reseller Hosting!

Our Cheap Reseller Hosting In Kenya Plans are hosted on the fastest cutting-edge hardware in the industry. Your plan will be set up on servers using AMD EPYC CPUs and NVMEe drives, which means lightning-fast speeds for you and your customers.

How to Add a Blog Post in WordPress

Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
Go to Posts.
Select Add New.
Use the screen provided to create your post as desired.
Click Publish when you are done creating your post. The post will display on the blogging page of your website.
Click Publish
How to Change Where Your Posts Get Published
Your posts will always publish on your blog page. However, you can designate which page is your blog page.

Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
Go to Settings.
Select the Reading option.
Modify or confirm what is being displayed on your front page.
Your Latest Posts: This is the default setting. Your home page displays your blog posts.
A Static Page: This will swap out your home (blog) page for a static page and instead display blog posts on the static page.
Important: Do not have your ‘home page’ and ‘posts page’ be the same page as required by WordPress.

Click Save Changes.
Click Save Changes
Want To Learn More About WordPress?
WordPress Tutorial Videos icon
WordPress: Tutorial Videos To help you easily grasp the basics of creating a WordPress website, our team has created several free tutorial videos. These videos were designed to be followed in order, but you are welcome to view whichever one best suits your needs.

WordPress 6.0 Update

WordPress 6.0 Update
WordPress is a popular application responsible for 31% of all sites online. Its flexibility and functionality prove beneficial when creating a website. WordPress provides a powerful content management system that can accommodate the needs of anyone, from those just starting a blog to large universities and corporations demanding dynamic content.

WordPress 6.0 was released in Winter 2022. With this release comes the exciting addition of Gutenberg into the core editing functionality! While the previous WordPress content editor, TinyMCE, was intuitive and straightforward, it was also very simplistic and limited in its options. As the market for easy-to-use site builders expands, it is crucial that WordPress take steps to update its core and provide a more optimized user experience. The release of 5.0, with its emphasis on media, will improve usability while allowing for dynamic content and mobile responsiveness.

What Will Gutenberg Change?
The introduction of Gutenberg presents a brand new experience in creating content and layout within pages and posts. The foundation resides upon blocks, which are used for individual items that can quickly and effortlessly be moved up, down, set in columns, and reused. This structure makes it easy to work across various screen sizes and devices with the confidence that what is displayed in the editor is what will appear on the website.

What would once require multiple plugins has been simplified into the Gutenberg experience, eliminating the need for custom HTML or shortcodes. Gutenberg delivers a refreshing new user experience to WordPress and the edge needed to compete with the various drag and drop builders available.

Upgrades After Signing Up

After you sign up for a hosting plan with FlashHost, our team will help you tailor the perfect plan for your specific needs. We understand that every website is different, and we’ll work with you to make sure you have the best possible hosting solution for your project. And if you ever need to upgrade your hosting plan, we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

Reseller Hosting

If you’re new to hosting, the thought of choosing a hosting plan tailored to your specific needs can be daunting. But don’t worry – FlashHost is here to help! In this blog section, we’ll walk you through the basics of our hosting tools so that you can make an informed decision about which plan is right for you.

First, let’s talk about our web hosting plans. We offer three different plans – Starter, Business, and Enterprise – each with different features and price points. Whether you’re just starting out or you have a high-traffic website, we have a plan that’s perfect for you.

Next, let’s take a look at our control panel. This is where you’ll manage your account, create email accounts, and install applications like WordPress. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with all the terminology – our friendly support team will be happy to walk you through it.

Finally, let’s talk about some of the other features our platform offers. Our one-click installer makes it easy to install popular applications like WordPress with just a few clicks. And if you ever need help, our 24/7/365 support team is always just a phone call or chat away.

Get FREE WHMCS License

Buy Cheap $5 . 95 Reseller Plan and Get WHMCS FREE!

WHMCS is the leading, all-in-one client billing and support management solution. Meaning, it handles customer signup and termination, automated account creation among others. With the industry’s cheapest reseller hosting services, alongside free WHMCS, you are assured of a valid full version Starter License Key Valued $15.95/month for 100% FREE and if you want to upgrade to Plus, Professional, Business License, we offer them for a cheaper cost price with a massive discount. It’s definitely the best deal you can get!