WHY CHOOSE Flashhost?

With 13 years in business flashhost.co.ke Inc. has been providing extremely reliable feature rich reseller hosting experience for our customers. We offer something that many other hosting providers are unable to deliver, we are one of the very few hosting companies that are 100% dedicated for resellers. We owe our success as a business to our valued resellers, the foundation of our establishment.

Most Feature Rich Reseller Plans in the World, Guaranteed!

Flagship Reseller Hosting Provider, with dedicated business model targeted to especially for resellers.

Over 25 Great Reseller Features PLUS additional Exclusive VIP Reseller Features, helps you to stay ahead with your competition.

Complete set of resources to start a web hosting company within 24 hours or even in minutes!

Best of the Class Hardware with 40 CPU, 128GB RAM, NVMe 3D SSD Drives.

60 Minutes Guaranteed Support Response Time.

Real 24/7 Live Technical Support to get your clients technical issues quickly resolved over chat.

100% Uptime guarantee with SLA, your money back if your server goes down!

Option to resell other products such as VPS or Dedicated Server with up to 50% recurring, making a huge additional income.

Reputable Provider with 13 Years in Business .